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Welcome, mini-Marc!
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yay, sub-domains!

The TRON style for this website (shown at random -10% chance- or by clicking this link:
TRON.MARCSTAS.COM) will also have its own title animation.
This will be a third animation, also played randomly if the 'Tron' version of this website is not loaded.

Check my progress HERE.
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the 'marcstas.com' persona!

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Born on May 5th, 1979 in Laval, Québec, Canada.

While I keep busy, some of my hobbies include Tai Chi, web design, 2D & 3D art, volunteering in computer support..

Originally from Montréal, I currently live in Burnaby (BC)
Half Belgian, half Brasilian..

I speak and write in both English and French .. and *used* to speak Portuguese.
I am pursuing opportunities as I strive for a chance with which to use my abilities in ways best suited to help everyone better inhabit this technological age.

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what I am who I am what I do

My 'full Flash' site is still available to browse (by clicking the image in this panel). I wanted to keep it alive as I'm adding new 3D Flash mini-movies and may also update that website. As the introduction to that 3D Flash site is a little long already, I have chosen to make all additions separate and have them available on this page in the 'flash animations' panel.
I may also periodically update the page if I think it needs it (whether the intro or outro or the main content).

animations for your viewing pleasure*..
(more animations in the works..)

* .. arguably   ~;0)
some of my websites..
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